Engine Parts

We offer a large range of inventory of  replacement parts for Komatsu & Cummins. and Yanmar.  Our line of Engine parts , include:   Complete inframe & out of frame kits engine kits, camshafts, crankshafts, turbos, connecting roads, rods bushings, cylinder heads, longs blocks, etc.   Our replacement parts cover both  Turbo and natural aspirated engines.

Complete Out of Frame Kit

Ktractor Parts Inc ®  is now offering a complete out of frame kits.  The kits include the following components:

  1. Cylinder Kits:  Pistons with Pins & Retainers, Piston rings, & Liners
  2. Main & Rod Bearing Sets (Available in Standard & Undersized)
  3. Thrust Washer Set
  4. Complete Gasket Sets (Upper & Lower Kits)
  5. Camshaft Bushings
  6. Rod Pin Bushings

*Please CLICK on LINKS to see our List of Complete Out-Of-Frame Engine Kits: